Can I tell you my feelings interwebb?
Can I trust you with this information about my insecurity?
Can I tell you that I'm afraid?

I don't know where my life goes.
What to do or how to live.
Were I will go or were I even should begin.

What is it that scares me?
Is it war? Is it fate? Is it someone around me?
No interwebb, it's the future.

Will I stand on my own?
Do I dare to take that chance?
Do I even want that life?

I don't know interwebb, I don't know.
Help me?
-Rebecca Oscarsson

Lät oss åka utan bälte...

Jag vet inte vart jag håller hus längre.
Tror jag tappade mig själv någonstans på vägen. 
Intalade mig själv till att det är så det är.
Men det var inte så det var.

Jag trodde jag hade kontroll.
Jag trodde att det var jag som höll i ratten.
Men det var inte så det var.
Det är inte så det är.

Någon annan håller ratten.
Det är någon annan som kör.
Vi åker med.
Ner, ner, ner i diket.

Den stackars lilla kråkan ville ut och åka.
Och vist hade han någon som körde.
Körde med oss båda.
Lät oss båda komma ur fas.
Lät oss komma ut balans.

Utan säkerhet.
Utan skydd.
Ner, ner, ner i diket.

Jag vet inte vart jag är längre.
Jag ligger i ett dike någonstans.
Finns du där att hjälpa mig på benen.
Eller ligger du lika skadad brevid mig?

Stackars lilla kråka ville ut och åka...

- Rebecca Oscarsson

There's a certain way...

There's a certain way a man stares at a woman he loves.
The man looks like a boy on his birthday.
And he treats the woman as if she were a gift that he's waited so long to open
and now he can't wait to see what the treasure is inside.

Am I stupid? Am I awful?

Thinking of forbidden things
How I saw them kiss
Kissed and touch
Taking it further and further away

Am I stupid?
Stupid to think that i would walk around
Around the corner
Am I stupid?

Thinking about
See her pull your hair
Rip your cloths

Not in the same way
This time in despair
And sorrow....
Am I stupid?
Am I awful?

I am Awful....
-Av Rebecca Oscarsson


Midnight feelings

I kind of like you, you know and it is hard to admit.
but I can't tell the world that I love you.
Or can you tell someone those words even if you don't know it?
To like or to love,  that is my question.
Thy love is a much stronger word.

I Like the sky,
I like the trees,
I like the apartment I live in.
but it's a different kind of like I want to tell you.

So maybe its love or the way its going to be, in time, in a way.
But I can't tell you now in this stupid game.

It feels stupid, but I can't.
This will for a long time..
Be a game of cat and rat....

- Rebecca Oscarsson

Thinking at night

He was standing by my side for fourteen long years.
And it's amazing how those times just have disappeared.
With the morning sun you walked away...
I don't know how many times I've counted the days.
Three years has gone by and I start thinking just why?
Why was you the one who would die?

- Rebecca Oscarsson

Just tell me

Now what are you thinking?
Now when I am standing here?
Is it a calm feeling?
Or maybe is it fear?
You don't know if I mean you
or just some other guy.
Now It is your turn to start wondering why.

Why did she come when I asked her to?
Could it be me?
Are you sure that you want me to know?
Or maybe you're just going to go with the flow?
I haven't told you what I believe, because I think you mean me.
I'm not sure you are
I don't know if that's what I want

Please tell me those words of the flow
Please tell me those words that I want to hear

- Rebecca Oscarsson

So we danced

I hated the times up north
The life I had was ripped away
And with his death buried
I had no were to call "home"

But you brought me my light
That in the darkness hold me
Hold me down, hold me tight
I couldn't leave
Because that was not my decision

The years passed by
Some of you joined me
Together in the darkness
We danced.

Danced till the morning sun
The prime of our time
Then we was together
For all of our lives

But that summer came
The summer it was time to leave
Go our separate ways

I got back to my city
My very first home
Where all the memory's had gone

That memory is now my reality
and you my darkness the memory
The memory of how we danced
Danced on like that forever

-Av Rebecca Oscarsson

Stupid feelings

Blivit smått verdelös på att skriva igen. Sånt händer väl. Man har sina perioder, but here it goes.

I'm tired of waiting.
Tired of you.
You don't see what is happening.
Maybe you don't want to?

But baby you see me on the other side.
Waiting and so you think it will be.
But what if I get tired of your ignorance?

Tired of stand here.
Tired to be.
Tired of waiting.
Waiting and see.

Because either you're stupid,
Blind and don't see.
Or you just over analyze,
If it could be?
But there is also a third option,
the one I hate the most

And that is that you're not interested and want me to "bug off"

-Av Rebecca Oscarsson

Lady justice

Looking up in to the night sky.
Looking up and start wondering why.
Where in this world should I start to search?
Where should I start my research?

At first I must start to decide.
Who I want to be by my side.
Are you the one I'm trying to find?
And don't forget that lady justice is blind.

Blind as she weighs the sins of our lies.
Right in the moment our world start to die.
Who will go to heaven, who would go to hell.
She is the only one who can tell.

Did we make the right choices?
Did we walk right the path?
We all will stand victims of our own world wrath.

Take my hand and lets walk away.
Away to a more beautiful day.
It may lay to far from our sight.
But with calm also comes fright.

Fright of what our lady would say.
If she finds out about that day.
The day we together stand before her.
That is a thing she wont prefer.

That day I have taken one of her owns.
One of the ladys sons.
To lose him to the world of mystic.
To tell her that it's time to get realistic.

She will understand that not every deed can be weighted.
That's a fact she has always hated.
My Lady justice, the blind and fair maiden.
She must let those to go all way to heaven.
-Av Rebecca Oscarsson

Written in your stars

Siting on the computer or just wandering around.
She waits for the telephone to just do a single sound.
A text message, a phone call or just a face book update.
Wondering constantly if he will get the bait.

How can you be so stupid she thinks, why does she even try?
How can she know that he will look her way? How can she catch his eye?
She has almost been to obvious, doesn't he understand?
Must she walk alone trough the magic of this beautiful land?

She stop herself and putting down her glass.
Looking at the clock and realizing that she's late for class.
Running up those stairs, trying not to be late.
She wondering if this just isn't fate.

It may not be written in the stars.
But she wont stay behind this bars.
She may be bold and jump in to things.
But she cant just wait and see what the future brings.

As the nerd she is she depends on what it says.
That the one who's waiting, oh bullocks that doesn't work this days.
She know that they are different in every singe way.
but opposites attract they often even stay.

Stay for forever, oh that would be nice.
Naive as she is, she doesn't need to hear that twice.
Born in the element of fire she's the lead in her sign.
That's why this air born boy maybe, for her be first in line.

He waits in the other side of the circle calm and quiet.
Almost waiting for the girl on the other side to start her riot.
He can wait, because he isn't sure.
Sure if she is the girl he's heart is screaming for.

He always know that you have to think.
Before you get to serious with these things.
That's why he's amazed with this little girl.
She's one in a million, a beautiful pearl.

But just to be certain that it isn't just a fling.
He waits for her actions, and see what she begins.

Its a dangerous game your playing my boy.
She isn't going to let you play her like a toy.
You must run pretty fast, this is a girl with horns.
And don't sit and say that you haven't been warned.

Because you are the wind who can light up the fire.
And that can bring what your heart desire.
A girl who's different, a women from mars.
Just look up in the sky and see if she is written in your stars.

-Av Rebecca Oscarsson

Har inte skrivigt mycket viktigt... Och så kommer det nog förbli ett tag

Darling, livet är faktiskt mer än bara en enda lång fest med vin, kvinnor och sång. Medan du blir hög på en stadig ström av tillfälliga förhållanden så kom ihåg att när du har druckit ur allt vinet har du bara tomglaset kvar. Då är festen slut. Men det är klart, du kan ju alltid fylla på flaskan igen från din outtömliga källa, eller hur älskling? Men är din förmåga till kärlek verkligen outtömlig? Varför använder du inte lite av dina kärleksenergier till någon annan kreativ verksamhet, som till exempel att sjunga, spela, måla, skriva eller spela teater? Jag skulle kunna hjälpa dig. Min hjärna är lika genialisk som din - även om våra kroppar inte ser likadana ut eftersom du är man och jag är kvinna.

Listen to this.

Thats what's ringing in my ear

Just this night

Kvällen Outfit såg ni ju här under. Några komentarer till? Vad tycks? Har länge tvekat om jag vågar använda mina randiga strumpbyxor med den randiga kavajen men idag så tog jag modet och hej, det visade sig vara en hitt! Nog om detta.

The despair she felt as she lifted her hand.
The sadness she felt as she dug her feet in the sand.
She leaned back and looked up in the beautiful sky.
Remembering her of that one guys smile.

She knows she is stupid to think it will go.
For the fact is she really can't see how so.
He doesn't feel interested, wait that was a lie.
She screams out in the night, even start to cry.

What is his intentions? Why don't take her hand?
This was some of her thoughts as she was laying in the sand.
What went wrong? What was it she can't give?
What was even her reason to actually live?

She laugh at her self and looked up to the stars.
Wonder why just her planet would be mars.
She hoped that he would want to be a part of her genus.
Wait she forgot, that man is from venus.

Again she is thinking that just maybe.
No, it was nothing, she's just a big cry baby.

-Av Rebecca Oscarsson

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