To stupid, with love.. or fuck you

Inte skrivit på ett rätt bra tag. Men det är väl sådant som händer antar jag. Just nu sitter jag och ser suddigt och försöker se om jag kan skriva ett vättigt inlägg ändå även om jag inte ser vad det står på tangenterna. kan väl tänka mig att det är ett bevis på att man suttit vid datorn för mycket huh?

Det är helt fantastisk hur mycket man kan ljuga för sig själv. Det är vad jag gör just nu och det är antagligen det jag kommer göra ett jävla bra tag. Har du någonsin tänkt på att man inte riktigt kommer över sin "föredetta" fören man träffat någon ny? "Bullshiet", you think but you know what? I dont care what you think. And thats the way it is. At least for me.

Now stop beeing emo and give it a chance... stupid

Midnight feelings

I kind of like you, you know and it is hard to admit.
but I can't tell the world that I love you.
Or can you tell someone those words even if you don't know it?
To like or to love,  that is my question.
Thy love is a much stronger word.

I Like the sky,
I like the trees,
I like the apartment I live in.
but it's a different kind of like I want to tell you.

So maybe its love or the way its going to be, in time, in a way.
But I can't tell you now in this stupid game.

It feels stupid, but I can't.
This will for a long time..
Be a game of cat and rat....

- Rebecca Oscarsson

Thinking at night

He was standing by my side for fourteen long years.
And it's amazing how those times just have disappeared.
With the morning sun you walked away...
I don't know how many times I've counted the days.
Three years has gone by and I start thinking just why?
Why was you the one who would die?

- Rebecca Oscarsson

Just tell me

Now what are you thinking?
Now when I am standing here?
Is it a calm feeling?
Or maybe is it fear?
You don't know if I mean you
or just some other guy.
Now It is your turn to start wondering why.

Why did she come when I asked her to?
Could it be me?
Are you sure that you want me to know?
Or maybe you're just going to go with the flow?
I haven't told you what I believe, because I think you mean me.
I'm not sure you are
I don't know if that's what I want

Please tell me those words of the flow
Please tell me those words that I want to hear

- Rebecca Oscarsson

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